Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Free at last

Free at last, free at last, hallelujah im free at last. That's right people my days of Douglas are officially behind me. Well not really, but more or less. Yes the shackles have been broken, though it hasn't quite sunk in yet, that I will never grace those hallowed halls ever again. And once more that im even coming away with a degree. Man, "Associates Degree". Who would have thought. So, only one more final to write and then Im SFU bound. Hopefully if everything turns out the way I have it planed.
But then nothing ever turns out the way I plan. Like the other day. I ordered a cell phone about 3 weeks ago from fido. Two weeks ago, I phoned them and asked them why it hasn't arrived yet, they say not to worry and that its on its way, only two more days. So I wait, ANOTHER week. I phone them today. And now they tell me that I have already received it, and not only that but I had signed for it, apparently two days before I had phoned to say I hadn't received it (the first time). So after about a half hour of trying to explain to them that, not only did I not receive it but I never signed for it, they finally said to go to the post office and complain to them. And complain I did. And basically what they told me was that they have it, but can not give it to me because the address that fido gave them doesn't exists. So I had to get fido to go phone them, make the changes and now it should take 2-3 days. But Im not holding my breathe.
So what have I learned from the last few weeks? Well I guess, that people are idiots (myself included) even with degrees. And now Im off to organize my wallet.

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