Sunday, January 31, 2010

Its just like starting over

new blog

Decided to restart my blog. You can find it in the link above. More to come soon.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I guess i should really start blogging again. I cant believe that its been three months. Have i really been that demotivated? Well i guess so. Its not as if this readership is ever expanding. Or that exciting things happen to me that are news worthy.
So what have i been doing with my time? Good question. Once i retrace the steps and find out how i got here, well, I'll keep you all informed. However, I have one little fun fact that I've come across this past year: Ive gone to approximately 30 concerts this year alone. 30! I knew it had been alot but apparently i have a huge problem. So i guess its time to come clean. I am a concert addict.
I suppose there are worse things to be, not to mention do with ones time, but the numbers don't lie. And i don't seem to be kicking this habit anytime soon. With Metric and Broken Social Scene with Tegan and Sara coming over the horizon.
But its not as if this isn't all in good fun. I think to close out this blog for 2008 I'll do a recap of all the concerts i can remember going to. Who knows it might even be worth a read. I cant really think of a way to go out here so..........

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Keeping ya'll updated.

So. Well theres a lot to cover here, I guess I should start with the concerts. There's been a few in the short span here. Starting with Airbourn. It was an intense show. But then what else would I expect from a band that sounds exactly like AC/DC. The opening acts were basically forgettable. Seeing as how i forgot about them. Although i did like it when the first band called one of their songs our "we are the world" and its actual title was "Ive got rabies" Then proceeded to scream the ssymptoms of rabies for the next five freaking minuets.
The next concert in recent memory banks was the New pornographers show at Stanley park. Where I was impressed more so by the opening acts then the headliner. But to be fair I had seen the headliner four times now. And I was more excited to see the likes of Black Mountain and was impressed by the 1900's so overall it was a great show.
Next up aside from the concerts I went to are the ones coming up. Such as AC/DC, Neil Young, The Raconteurs and I think that's it.
I also went to whistler this weekend and stayed at Chateau DE Megan. It was actually a pretty fun weekend, minus the vomit. Sorry again Megan. I managed to do a lot of hiking and even took a canoe out. Yes i did both voluntarily. Whistler really is a great town and i cant wait to return to go boarding in the winter. sometime.
Now all that being said. The really big news. Is that i got into PDP, the teaching program at SFU. Yeah that's right. There going to let me teach kids. This has been certainly a long time coming. And though there was moments of self doubt, I got in. It still really hasn't sunk in that I did it. I accomplished a goal. And it feels awesome. Scary. Intimidating. But awesome. Life has a funny way of sometimes working out. And I hope i can meet this challenge, this new chapter head on.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holy crap its been a month.

So its been a month since my last post. I'm actually kinda surprised that i really got this lazy. Or was it this busy? Theres alot that went on in the last couple weeks. BBQ. Concerts. Work. Drama. More Drama. Useless drama. Needless to say I'm looking forward for time off in September.
Anyway. Concerts. I went to Feist with Richard and graham. And that was amazing. I love outdoor concerts. It was fantastic weather and a much better set list than the last time i saw her. Though sadly I still failed to hear secret heart. I think my personal highlight for that show was her playing So Sorry. I don't know what it is about that song, but it has a special place with me.
Now. On to the most anticipated concert of the summer. Radiohead. Ive been waiting for this since like last December and it didn't disappoint at all. In fact I was so off the wall happy with it that I've now deemed it my second favorite concert of all time close behind AC/DC and I'd probably put floor seats for bob dylan third.
Anyway I went a little nuts when the tickets went on sale so I ended up going with Div, Rich, Graham and Travis. And although it was a bitch to get down there. It was so so so worth it. I was let down that they didn't play let down. And the fact that we had to choose between idioteque and Paranoid Android. Was a little sad. Why not both? But the fact that they played. Just. Weird Fishes. Paranoid Android and Karma Police, was well it was heaven. There were just far to many highlights to list.
Anyway. The next concert I have up is Blue Rodeo. So that should be good times.
Other than work. There really hasn't been a whole lot going on. I'm planning whistler round two. Seeing as how round one never went anywhere. And I really miss winter. I wanna get back into hockey and snowboarding. Yup. That's the time in a nutshell. Anyway's I'll leave you with some pics from radiohead.

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Friday, July 18, 2008


There are very few times in life you will ever walk out of a theatre feeling better about yourself. Something in the air. Like life somehow makes sense again. Like you had fun sitting around with a bunch of random strangers watching moving pictures. Like coming out of Plato's cave.
My friends this is one of those times. My words will fail to successfully express just how good this movie was. This movie became so much more than itself. It had a life force.
Never in a theatre has one mans presence emoted so much from the audience. Never has one mans performance been that good. I've joked around (pardon the pun) like any good comic geek would. Like any fanboy would. That he'll never get an Oscar nod cause its a comic book movie.
My friends he will get an Oscar nod. And it wont be a pity nod because of the tragic circumstances. This man breathed life into this character. He was this character. The subtlety and nuances that he put on, well it just gave me chills. The clearing of saliva from the throat. The combing of hair. The laugh. My god the laugh was just perfect.
There are very few times that i have ever been moved by a performance. Had you come to me last year and said that I would be moved by someone acting as the joker. Well I may have laughed at you. But as luck (and possibly the Joker) would have it. It looks as if the laugh is on me.
I want to find a flaw in this movie. Discredit it in someway. Jump off the inevitable hype machine. But i cant. This was fate. This was the perfect cast. With the perfect script. At the perfect time.
This movie became something more than comics, characters and cannon. It became about a performance. It became about a man, who poured his life and soul into his craft. His life was cut short tragically. But that performance. The subtleties, the nuances will live forever. And fanboys like myself thank you for it. Thank you Heath Ledger, you became the true hero of this story. Rest well.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Time off. Comics Movies. And Fight night.

So apparently Im an indie music snob. This was discovered after vikram invited me to TV on the Radio. A band I was more than certain he had never heard of. Needless to say I was shock so if I appeared snobbish I appoligise to you good sir.
Im also attending Airbourne with Div in sept. I checked them out recently and its pretty kickass stuff. Im looking forward to it.
Im also looking forward to a lot of the comic book movies that are coming out this summer. On the top of my list are Batman the dark Knight (but of course) and Hellboy 2.
I've actually really been impressed with the calliber of movies this summer. Aside from Indiana jones and the plots that go nowhere I've been more than pleased. I have yet to see it but I've heard even the hulk is good. I think I'll go sometime this weekend. But its going to be hard to match the awesomeness that was Ironman. There's something i never thought id say.
Tomorrow is fight night. Im going to be getting drunk and watching two grown men kick the crap out of eachother for money. What an age we live in. Should be good fun. Contact me if you wanna come watch.

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Oh and i got a week off starting on the 14th of july. I suggest a lugs road trip.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Recently Me.

So Im bored. Sitting around listening to the new Coldplay album. I actually really like what I hear. Which is kinda suprising.
Anyway on a releated music note. I went and saw stars for the second time. It was another great show. They pretty much covered all of their material and even stuff of the Heart album. The opening act Curtis Santiago was very intriguing. A local boy from vancouver. He was a mixture of R&B and Ballad soul music. It was an interesting mix. His cover of Metrics Police and the Private was amazing. He definatly had the voice for it. And I loved his song which was essentially about robots.
The only other signifigant note lately. Is well I saw the lugs boys again. Finally. It had been far to long. And i forgot how fun lugsdays can be. Normality is a good thing.
Im really looking forward to the following movies. Batman the dark knight. Hancock and if i ever get to see the hulk i'll be happy. But yeah batman is definatly in order. So if anyone wants to go see anyone of those let me know.
Other than that theirs not much to report on. Maybe attending the pantless party on the 5th. That should be good times.....course they're elements that could make it really really awful. Ugh drama. And my whistler trip is still very much on the bubble. I think its going to be a weekend get away. Hooray for that. Anyway thats it.

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