Sunday, August 08, 2004

Come along, you belong, feel the fizz of koo koo cola

Hey all.

So the party on the 13th looks like its slowly coming together. Slowly being the key word. Though it's shaping up to be the best Dunning Jam yet. We'll maybe not the best, but perhaps best attended? That's gotta count for something right? Right?!?
Lets see, other news. Oh, got my new phone, FINALLY! Gotta say its been worth the wait. Already drained 1/4 of the batteries, that Prince of Persia game is a bitch. The pics on the cam turn out better then I expected, guess that's a plus.
Also, you've probably noticed that I haven't posted anything in a while. Well its really been because of both procrastination and depression. Depressed over not having my phone, and because the other day (Thursday I think) I did nothing but watch Buffy (I'll be mentioning her a lot on here) Season 6 and watching that Season always makes me a little sad.
Friday made up for it though, that was a bitchin shindig, though a little pricey, even for me. Well I guess that pretty much brings you up to date. I'll try and be a little more constant with these posts but don't hold your breathe. On second thought hold your breathe.

Current Music: Flaming Lips-Race for the prize
Morrissey-First of the gang to die

Current Comic: Ultimate X-Men by Brian K. Vaughan
Superman by Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee


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