Sunday, November 20, 2005

The bladder that lived.

Okay. I want to make it perfectly clear, before I get going on this review, that I enjoyed this movie. I really did like it.
So with that in mind. Lets get to the positives. First, visually it was impressive. A lot of cool effects and all the things that would make Potter fans proud. Second it stuck relatively close to the book. More so then most of the previous movies, however that being said here is where my criticism comes in.
The movie itself felt choppy from the get go. Maybe that's because I couldn't shake the association with the book, but its plot lines seemed really rushed to me. Some examples. The quidditch world cup, seemed really rushed. Along with some of the tasks. Another problem I had with it, is some of the subplots were completely ignored. Now I understand that you only have 2 and a half hours for a completed movie, but I just think that some of the subplots (house elves for one) would have enhanced the movie a little more.
Now back to some positives. Casting was really good for this movie. Ralph Fines was an excellent choice, as was Brendan Gleeson. They really took on their roles and developed them as best they could. Another good thing with this movie, is it got the humor right, a lot of the characters were better comically than before.
The only thing I wish was there was more development between certain characters as there was in the novel. Cho and Harry. Ron and Fluer all could have been better developed in some way or another.
My last complaint for this movie is two fold. One the ending like, a few parts in the movie seemed tacked on. I wont give it away but it seems as if they were trying to find a positive note to end on, and came up with something really obscure.
Again had more time been used develop certain story lines I am sure the ending could have been smoothed out. But then again, its hard enough to sit through a 2 and half hour movie without having your bladder explode.
All in all I did enjoy this movie, as much as I enjoyed the book. It was nice to see it finally come to the screen, and even if at times it did seem rushed and choppy it still managed to stay loyal to the franchise and too the fans as well. Over all id give this a 7. Or at least one thumb up.

Side note: Superman trailer on the big screen is really impressive. And M. Knight's new movie looks really bizarre, but I'll probably still see it. Also I havent seen the movies this packed before in a long time. It reminded me a lot of previous Star Wars hype.

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