Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I was bored...so I made you a mixtape

So the other day, while talking to Rich, I was trying to come up with things to blog about. He suggested making a mix tape. Or as he put it "Dunning's mix tape of love" or something to that effect. I put off doing this idea for a while...but finally I've become so bored, that I made you a mixtape. Enjoy!

1. Poison-Every rose has its thorn
2. Nazareth-love hurts
3. Journey-Open Arms
4. Meatloaf-Cryin out loud
5. Bonnie Tyler-total eclipse of the heart
6. Coldplay-The Scientist
7. Imogen Heap-Hide and Seek
8. Immaculate Machine- So Cynical
9. Ted Leo-Since You Been Gone/Maps (cover)
10. Death Cab For Cutie-Tiny Vessels
11. Neutral Milk Hotel-Holland 1945
12. The Arcade Fire-Crown of Love
13. The Decemberists-Red Right Ankle
14. Radiohead-True Love Waits
15. Solomon Burke-don't Give up on me

I was going to do some commentary of why I picked the songs I did. But I think now I'll leave that up to you to debate about. Maybe I'll give some commentary in the comments.

Current Music: Roy Orbison-Love Hurts
Current Comic: Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman-Peter David


Blogger M Rexin said...

You desire comments like a hipster desires obscure art music that nobody else likes/knows about/ thinks is music.

No posts on Guerrero's death? For shame.

4:56 PM


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