Friday, October 21, 2005

The slightly buzzed durnken Dunning

okay okay okay okay okay. I went to get another drink, and i thought i had stuff, honestly I did. But I apparently drank it all. So im going to have to blog on the five I had at the Well. And I mean what the fuck? Seriously. I dont have enough in me to sustain a good blog. That will have to be for next week. But what i can talk about now is something that concerns me very much at this point. Thats predestination.
Im not sure how much i buy in to this whole predistination thing. Sure Its nice if your a romantic and all that, but honestly I dont think anything is written in the cards so to speak. Though thats not to say that things cant happen. It may be coincidental but perhaps things are planned out.
Take for instance my family. What many of you may not know, and what i may regret sharing is that my family or at least my mom, deals with a physic. So far the physic has been dead on, in many respects. Eerie respects. For instance, she said we would be faced with four deaths this year. And so far she's been right.
Does this mean that my future is written in the stars? Well I doubt it. But part of wishes it to be so. Cause from what i hear. It be a pretty fuckin sweet future. Better than what im doing now. And what am i doing now? Jack all.
Like i said, im not sure i buy into the whole predestination thing. Though lets take a look at milton for a second here. I mean Paradise lost is rittled with predestination. For instance the tree of knowledge. Why is it there? I mean the garden is supposed to be paradise, so why have something that will eventually mess paradise up already installed in it. It makes no sense. Honestly think about it. If god is all powerful and all good. Why create a potential for sin? I mean God cant sin so where does it come from? Fuck i dont know what im talking about anymore. God damn Milton.
Personally I agree with the fact that its all one massive conspiracy. God set us up from the begining to fail. Which in itself makes no sense. Have I mentioned that i hate milton? Damn you milton! Damn you. Why would god make Adam aware of obidence in the first place? was it only so he would be disobident? Im not making sense cause im rambling and im slightly buzzed.
If I talked about what i really wanted to talk about this post, it would be really depressing and i'd have to drink more. In any case I cant cause Ive ran out of liqour. which is depressing in itsself. You know whats great? Liqour. I love booze. I also love goooooooooooollllllllldddd. I dont know why i just did that. I dont know why i do anything. I dont know why we (mankind) were created. I dont want to know. Its all too problematic.
I need another drink. My breathe will really stink. If I cant afford a cup. I'll pour it down the sink.
Ha! Theres my drunken poem for you. It makes no sense but i like it. I know you like it too. Well this has been really educational. But me thinks me must procure more booze before going further in to the pscyoanalytical analasy of whatever the hell it is im talking about. Hooray!
I leave you now with some more poetry.
Milton Milton Milton.
Sitting on a fence
Milton Milton Milton
I guess I am to Dense
Milton Milton Milton
god how i hate you
Milton Milton Milton
what exactly do you do?
Well that was all well and good. Perhaps there will be more durkin posts tomorrow because of the canucks game. I hope so. You know why? I love booze.

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Blogger M Rexin said...

Glad to see youre back

1:35 PM

Blogger dinning said...

Your mom sees a psychic?

10:05 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

Yeah I know. It weirds me out too.

12:00 AM


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