Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Things I learned today.

Here is a list of things I learned today while doing nothing.

1) I am the same age as MuchMusic VJ Amanda Walsh.
2) Amanda Walsh is leaving the show
3) MuchMusic has been around for 20 years.
4) TSN has subsequently been around for 20 years
5) I like international sporting tournaments
6) Team Canada has new jersey's
7) The tournament is being played under NHL rules
8) There's a show called 360 which involves a guy from Moesha and dance offs
9) This show makes no sense
10) Canada won their game
11) Ron McLean is still an idiot
12) There maybe a bear in the area
13) I need more hobbies
14) most of my lists go up to 15
15) I like making lists.

that is all.


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