Sunday, March 06, 2005


Well the mofo's season, has officially come to a close. Though there was drastic improvements in our game, we still came away with the same amount of points as last. Mind you this season we didn't come in last. So I guess that's something. Our record I believe is 1-8-1. And to some it may not look all that pleasing, but its still nice to see something in the win column for a change. Anyway, there's more curling still to be had, for a few weeks anyway. So well see how those games go. Anyway that wraps up this update. Stay suave!

Current Comic: Age of Apocalypse-by Yoshida
Current Music: Simple Plan-welcome to my life


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Sellin' dreams climbin' Jacob's ladder/Your life he'll shatter cuz it don't matter to him/He's out to get some trim, can't let him in or you'll get done in/So stop, don't let him run up on ya/cuz all he wants to do is bone ya

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