Saturday, March 05, 2005

Slightly Drunk Dunning.

okay. So, tonight I went to the Treehouse, with Div and **** and Graham. It was pretty good. Though the waitress was pretty shitty (she hit me in the eye with the menus) even though she was kind of attractive. What else? Oh yeah the band at this place was god awful. Their covers of ZZ Top and Tragically Hip were crappy. Then we came back to my house for poker, with actual chips. As you can guess I bought quality poker chips. Hooray for me.....and hooray for you. I came out even in the end, which was pretty good considering I had yet another drink of mine at my house, surpassing my goal of four. **** was out the tourney early enough to watch his Baby Blue....You disgust me ****! Also according to graham, there were three great quotes from your's truly.....I dont have the energy to type them out or remember them at all. I think I will now go and not only read, but mix myself another drink. LET THE BENDER NEVER END!!!! (mem to self going to poker tourney tomorrow for curling...dont forget to dress like a Suave Mofo) thats about all i can think of. Now where's that drink?

Current Comic: Gambit-by Layman
Current Music: Ashlee Simpson-Shadows

(mem to self sing Ashlee Simpson Shadows or pieces of me at Karaoke)


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