Thursday, February 16, 2006

hooray for my day off.

Alright. Well first off, its pretty much official that come July I'll be back in SD (san diego) for at least a week. Hobnobbing with the rich and comic elite alike. I know, I know, im a nerd, whatever. Should be good fun at any rate, plus im looking forward to getting out of this province and into some sun. Speaking of comics, I know I have shown some people this, but this is so very, very odd to me that I have to let the rest of the world know it exists, and by it I mean this and this. See what I mean about it being odd, its very surreal.
Speaking of surreal. The semesters half over already. Or at least very close to it. With that being said, I look to have some time on my hands, with reading break and such. A whole five days to actually catch up and do a presentation. Since my work apparently doesn't want any of my time, I figure I might as well put it back into school. Of course though, Im thinking of doing other things. This time however it doesn't include loosing 70 bucks at the casino.

Current Comic: Powers-Bendis
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This time however it doesn't include loosing 70 bucks at the casino."

Whatever, you've got a pay cheque coming.


5:52 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

actually i dont.

7:19 PM


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