Thursday, February 09, 2006 the Periodicals!

Where does one find information on Shakespeare adaptations? Or more specifically where does one find information on Shakespeare and image. Fuck it, anyone want to do my research for my presentation. I really don't want to do this presentation. Not because I hate being put on the spot, but also I have no desire to talk about that stupid article.
Is it just me or has the daily shows caliber of guests increased ten fold. The last two times I had time to watch the show, Stewart has had Anthony Hopkins, and Harrison Ford on. Maybe its just me, but Harrison Ford seems way to big for the Daily show, so does Hopkins. I mean its Han fucking Solo. I can see the Daily Show getting someone more like Billy Dee Williams. Incidentally Billy Dee Williams was on Scrubs.
Alright enough of this rambling. Hey anyone know what happened in the Grammy's, I feel asleep before it started. Not that I was going to watch it. The last thing I remember was entertainment tonight was complaining about Britney Spears not buckling her kid in his car seat. And I ask you, why do we care?
celebrities really piss me off sometimes. Not to mention those VJ contestants, what a great idea that was.

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Less hate, more love.

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