Friday, February 24, 2006


Okay. Well not much to update about. Got the work situation sorta resolved. Im a little hesitant to say anything though. Then again that hasn't stopped me in the past. What else? V for Vendetta is coming out soon, looks good, I bought the TPB last week and plan on finishing it by the weekend.
Also bought an awesome Wolverine Bust today. Well, I had ordered it awhile ago but it finally came in, so yeah that's good. I'll post pics of it soon, well maybe, we'll see.
Other than that I don't really have anything to say. Got papers coming up that I got to start on, got a presentation (ugh) that im not looking forward to. Maybe I'll do some shots before hand, take the edge off. Oh, and yeah the oscars are coming up I guess. I'll watch some of it, but only because of Stewarts involvement. Honestly I don't really care about any of the movies nominated. Although Capote was good. I guess I'll end my post with some predictions on it. So here goes.

Best Actor-Philip Seymour Hoffman; Best Supporting Actor-Jake Gyllenhaal (i hope to god its not clooney) Best Actress-Resse Witherspoon; Best Supporting Actress-Rachel Weisz; Best Animated Film-Tim Burtons Corspe Bride; Director-Ang Lee; Best Picture-Brokeback Mountain (like it to be Capote); Original Screenplay-Woody Alan

I left Some of the other categories out cause I simply don't care one way or another. Anyway that's it, Im out.

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Blogger Graham said...

I can't believe that you spelled "Gyllenhaal" correctly and then misspelled "Allen". You truly work in mysterious ways, my friend.

2:59 AM


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