Friday, February 17, 2006

hurrah to you

okay. so i kinda sorta shouldnt be operating heavy machinery at this point. However. That being said some things are bothering me that i feel the need to exprese about with expressing. One bother is work. I need a new job. I hate my job. My job really sucks and so forth with how that goes. Second problem is a little bit more delicate so with the current state of things im going to avoid all together issue that is at hand. hands touching hands reaching out touching me touching you........k what now? I wonder if im sober enought to read shakespeare and have it make any sense. Not that it does at the best of times.
I mean i've enjoyed Hamlet again emensley its one of my favorite plays of all time, and the level of complexity it has, even i was unaware of its greatness. Ive even enjoyed Othello, and i find it to be outstanding as well. Im sure Ill like king lear as well, however Twelth Night was sorta lost on me.
I just dont get the whole elizabethan cross dressing obsession. Why is it that females dressing as men is funny to these people? I 've never seen a woman in drag and thought hell thats some funny ass shit. Infact come to think of it, ive never seen a woman in drag period. I've seen some other bizzare shit (earth science for excample). Weird shit there. God i cant type tonight. my skill level is subpar even for me. All for the best though as im running out of things to bitch about. Id go on about the muchmusic vj search but no one would care. Infact I dont care. Part of the reason im pissed off about it. Its like they took every personality that i hate and threw them into one show with a c list judge panel. Honestly why is robin black or whatever his name is in there? I can sorta understand Kardinal or whoever being there but the rest. Oh hell why am i even talking about this. Screw it, im going to go listen to some music that will probably never get played on much music and read some comics that will definatly never get played on much music cause that would just be weird.

Current Comic: Promethea-Alan Moore
Current Music: Tegan and Sara-So jealous


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