Thursday, August 19, 2004

The spin is rooming

Oh as I type this I am somewhat inebriated. And by somewhat I mean ALOT, so at the request of Vikram and Graham it is requested that I blog. So I am blogging. What about I am not sure. How about what I did today. Today I got up at 11am went and returned bottles to safeway for 15 dollars and went to work. Work lasted 4hrs or so and I made a few Error's. I admit, but did they have to get so angry? Then I went to the mall, picked up Josh Whedon's firefly for 22 bucks marked down from fifty. Yet another underrated show. What the hells with that by the way? Why am I the only one I know who likes whedons work? I mean its quality shit. QUALITY. I mean look at Buffy. Maybe one day I'll get even drunker than this and philosophize on why Buffy is the greatest tv show in history but for now think I'll pass on that. But for now if I had to rank the seasons, in order of greatness, or awesomeness take you're pick. Id have to go with 5,6,3,4,2,1,7. Though 7 might actually move up in the ranks as its been awhile since I've watched it, and is the only one I don't actually own at this point.
Then, on to big fun time. Big time fun usually turns out to be Big waste time, but this time was awesome. Not only awesome but disturbing. In that I found out more about my friends then I ever wanted to know. Plus it ended up to be documented on video tape. Don't ask.
I've also realized that I use the phrase son's of Bitches lately where I picked this up from I do not know. If you realize where I picke this up from it would be a great big help.
I've also realized that I'm more drunk then usual. Normally I can handle more, whether that's good or bad, I dunno. Maybe its all irrelevant. Maybe its not. Whose to say. Well I guess I am to say, as I am typing this out.
Man, I have got to find a new drink. Rum and cokes works too well. and why the hells my room so messy? Didn't I just clean this up like 3 days ago. GOD DAMNT!
But enough rambling. I guess a highlight of the night (eat it TSN) was the greco roman wrestling with Graham. That shit could be put on TSN Classic. Man this is has got to be the stupidest blog ever. Is stupidest even a word? I don't think so. Im going to regret this in the mornin.
I've also realized that I use the word or phrase Man alot, for whatever reason this has seeped into my subconcious. Although is it really a subconscious thought if I realize its there? I dunno any more.
At this point you're probably wondering where this blog is going, and the answer to that is, no where fast. Also I apologize for all the grammatical errors in my blog, its times like these I wonder why I ever want to become a English major.
I feel now I should rank the Buffy women on their hotness. 1) Eliza 2) Alyson 3) Sarah 4) Juliet 5) Charisma 6) Amber 7) Emma 8) Michelle *too young.
Vikram tells me at this point that I should mention about what's hot and what's not for the coming months so here goes. Hot: leather. the oc. banzi trees. Not: Cotton. the bernie mac show. Lotus
Anyways, that about wraps things up here. Again I apologize for this blog in advance having no purpose or relevance. I also apologize fore the horrible horrible grammar. And I wish I could have made it a bit more entertaining. Oh well I guess that's that then.

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Current Comic: Identity Crisis-By Brad Meltzer (review to come)


Blogger VG said...

No need to apologize. That was plenty entertaining. Although, I am disappointed to hear that cotton is not hot for fall.

1:38 PM


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