Friday, September 03, 2004


My plans of doing nothing but sleeping in were shattered today as my mom came running into my room yelling at me to get up and go to sfu. That's right SFU, apparently I had been accepted ( I am now a university man). Weird. Anyway I had to go to SFU and get my registration number and such which costs 100 bucks. And now I have to wait for it to run through the system before I can register. This also prevented me from getting a Transit Card and a Student Card. Which means now I'll have to go on Tuesday and line up for hours on end.
The Bad: There are very few downfalls with getting into sfu. Though One of them being I am now 200 dollars out because of Douglas. And not only that but I have to go to Douglas to get my money back from them (what's left of it). Second I don't know the campus at all. Which means I'll have too either go on one of those campus tours, or get some friends to show me around. And I have to do late registration.
The Good: I don't have to go to Douglas. Im in SFU. I can now tell people I am in SFU and wont be laughed at by mentioning Douglas. I'll be able to join intermerals like touch rugby and floor hockey. I can take courses that actually mean something and are fun. Lecture halls. Pride.

Well I guess, it still needs to sink in, but I am now officially an SFU student, and will be going there this semester. I still cant really believe it, and Im just waiting for something bad to happen, cause nothing this good ever happens to me.


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