Friday, March 11, 2005


Shameful Plugs-Doing some writing that may be up on the blog soon. Comic Corner is coming along. And The First Annual Spring Fashion Report will probably be up at some point.
No Life-Things Im into at this moment. Curling-we suck. Poker-Going to happen in a couple of weeks, 5 dollar buy in all are welcome.
Music-Radiohead-Killer little song. The FutureHeads-Hounds of love...awesome song. Rilo Kiley-Portions of Foxes....addicting song.
TV- Southpark. OC season 1&2. And the current season of 24 and Lost. Smallville.
Reading-Evangelion TPB's. DC Comics. Victorian Novels. Arthurian Romance. Horror. Shakespear.
School-currently doing paper. Got A- on my other paper. Getting other midterms back next week. Too much reading, too little time.

Thats about it. Cant really think of anything more that I wanted to say.

Current Music: The FutureHeads-Hounds of Love
Current Comic: Ultimate Iron Man-by Orson Scott Card


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