Saturday, May 28, 2005

Giving the People what they want.

Since this blogs conception, there has been Durnken Dunning. And apparently Durnken Dunning has been in high demand these days. I've even had requests of making a separate blog for all the hilarious hijinks. Yet, that requires too much effort. Plus I think it takes away from the spontaneity of Durnken Dunning. Anyway I've decided to include a Durnken Dunning section on this blog. Im sure over the course of the summer months it will be updated, on more then one occasion. Though lately Im running low on rum and money. So I guess the question is, who wants to buy me booze?

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Blogger Graham said...

Whither Dunning?

1:34 AM

Blogger Graham said...

Wither Dunning?

7:27 PM

Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

Withered, Dunning?

7:29 PM

Blogger Graham said...

Thin nude Red Wing?

7:47 PM

Blogger dinning said...

Hindered Wing Nut

9:23 PM

Blogger dinning said...

Nude nerd with gin.

Ahh Dunning, if only it were Dunnrum.

9:29 PM

Blogger Graham said...

Welcome to my new blog.

Since Dunning seems intent upon avoiding all contact with society, this site lays fallow like an untilled field. Rather than waste perfectly good webspace by starting up MinutiƦ v3.0 (which would no doubt be deleted within months in a burst of self-loathing), I have decided to stage a hostile takeover of Dunning's blog and turn the comments section of "Giving the People what they want" into my own personal e-journal. It'll be our secret.

For the foreseeable future, I won't have much to say beyond "I went to work," since I'm still logging 60 hours a week at two jobs. However (and this is the closest that this post will come to reasonably interesting or useful content), I submitted my resignation notice to Safeway this evening, starting the clock on my two weeks.

I didn't really want to quit, as the job provides no shortage of inspiration for all sorts of misanthropic writings, but I can't go on much longer working seven days a week. I need some Graham Time, as Vikram would say, and by the time I pull the plug on June 26, I'll have gone over a month without a single day off. Something has to give, and until they offer me $16.33 an hour (plus 8% in lieu of benefits!), that something is Safeway. My greatest regret is that I'll miss the handful of people I'm fond of at the store, but it's an unfortunate consequence of restoring some semblance of normality to my life.

Anyway, that covers the essentials of my current status and my annexation of this blog, so I think I'll ride gracefully off into the sunset and get some sleep while trying unlearn a couple of hundred PLU codes.

Current Music: The Monks - "Drugs in My Pocket"

1:21 AM

Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

First comment!

11:10 AM

Blogger Graham said...

For those of you scoring at home, Game 7 of the 1994 Stanley Cup Final was played 11 years ago tonight. During the course of the game, my dad and I filled an entire salad bowl with Spitz shells, and after the unfortunate ending, I ending up playing street hockey with the son of the neighbours we had previously been feuding with. Where does the time go?

8:45 PM

Blogger Graham said...

This proxy-blogging is tough stuff. I have no power to revise and eliminate typos, so I apologize in advance for the dim-witted turns of phrase which are likely going to pop up.

I've already declared that I am going to be "trying unlearn" and that "after the unfortunate ending, I ending up playing street hockey." What can I say? I right good.

10:10 PM

Blogger M Rexin said...

I'm claiming the blog space that Graham has claimed from Mike in order with article 5(a) section 2 of the International blogging rules which state " those individuals who claim blogs with statements pursuant to the act are entitled to the space"

12:57 PM

Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

Doesn't he get squatter's rights or something?

9:27 PM


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