Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Return of the Drunrken Dunning

Okay okay okay okay. So if you haven't already figured out by the title I am currently residing in drunkville. Its a fun little town. Population 1. We have no secrets here. Besides everyone already knows my acclaimed drunken letters to celebrities before. So that being said I feel now, that I should regal you all with a poem of spectacular venacular. So here goes. An ode to Joshua Jackson.

Oh Joshua Jackson
I remember the triple deek
I wish i could to it
but I am a humble geek
they say you banged Joey
according to tv
oh joshua jackson
i hope you didnt get vd

So there you have it. An ode to joshua jackson . I hope it was as good as it appears to be in my drunken state. Man I cant stop sneezing, dont you hate it when that happens? Its like what do I need to sneeze for? Its perhaps the most useless abiltity of the human body. Anyway back to the drunkeness. The festivities went off with out a hitch. Along with it going off without having to see Hitch, which in itsself is a major plus.
I have to say though this week is going to suck for me. I mean, I have to work everyday except Monday. Thus it will be a long crappy week before I leave for SD/Vegas. Speaking of Vegas here now is a list of things I plan on doing in Vegas. 1. Find 12 people to reinact the final scene to Oceans 12 in front of the Beliagio
2. Strippers 3. Winning Oprah like money in vegas. 4. Win Oprah. 5. Find George clooney to reinact that annoying scene in oceans 12
that's pretty much it for the vegas front. But fear not fellow reader, for I will be brining my fellow laptop along with me to Vegas and sd, so I should be able to make up posts as we go. Plus I may have the ability for pictures. PICTURES!!!!!! Anyway back to Canada day. It was fairly sub par this year but at least it wasn't spent at the worlds shittiest fireworks. Fucking fireworks. Who ever invented fire works should be drug out to the street and shot, too quote Garfield. Anyway this post needs some wrapping up. I really have nothing more I can say then "tag your man, tag your man, tag your man"

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Awesome. Just fucking awesome.

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