Friday, July 08, 2005

Week of Hell

Well. My week of hell is officially done. Thank god for that too, cause I don't think I could have lasted anymore. So now the majority of my Friday will be spent on packing. All my comics, all my clothes and most important, all my money. Its going to take forever...but whatever I don't take with me, I'll probably end up buying. So I'll also be spending Friday night over in a hotel, as apparently we fly out Saturday morning. Then its off to Vegas, and SD for 10 days. Im looking forward too it.
So that all being said, you probably realize that this may be my last post for a while. I'll try to make at least one short update when in Vegas, but depending on time, and everything who knows. Also I've been giving it some thought, and im probably going to either revamp my blog or kill it all together. I'll probably end up just revamping it. But let me know what you think I should do. Anyway, hope everyone has a good week.

Current Music: Coldplay-the scientest
Current Comic: Punnisher-Ennis


Blogger VG said...

I say you kill it. Come on, you know you want to, all the cool kids are doing it. You do want to be cool, don't you?

8:26 AM

Blogger Dunning said...

Want to!?! Want to? I already am cool! Cant you tell?

4:33 PM

Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

I'm with Dunning on this one.

And that isn't supposed to sound sarcastic.

7:20 PM

Blogger VG said...

We miss you, and we look forward to tales of your adventures.

10:12 PM


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