Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Snow. And ramblings.

So apparently its snowing. Why must we make small talk about this? So far today, I've had five people tell me they like the snow. And eight against. I fall into the latter category. Although, its better than rain. Also apparently at sfu, cause were all idiots, they closed off part of the hill in the morning. The buses couldn't get up and they made students walk half way up the hill. Which probably explains why we had half the people in the lecture today. Oh well, just glad I don't have to go in on Thursday now.
Speaking of buses. Has anyone seen those new transit buses yet? I cant quite place it, but there's something off about them. Maybe its just cause there so low to the ground and the seats aren't as good. Or maybe its just cause there new. Either way im not sure im sold on them.
I think I'll end this post by saying, Tyra Banks is an evil that must be stopped. I don't get her new talk show. Is it just another one of these talk shows, which only goal is to destroy other peoples lives on national television? Plus what the hells up with America's Next Top Model. Who the hell watches this crap?
Anyway Im done venting for the evening. Only 4 more days of classes to go. Why wont it end?

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