Saturday, June 17, 2006

Durnken Dunning.

Okay. Well I dont have any real comments to make here. Look for a new podcast next week. Im sorta tipsy now but not to an extreme point. You know. I think i've lost all faith in movies which premise is "Reality is not reality"
If reality is not reality then what is it? It has to be something. It exists doesnt it? Its tangible. Perhaps even fungible. I cant really say but whatever the case its there. I guess existence is just a state of mind. My mind right now is two screwed up to know what exist and what doesnt.
Damn I could really go for some cake. I dont have enough excuses to eat cake. Let me have my cake and eat it too damnt! Why the hell is queen whatsherface bogarting the cake. More to the point how did bogart become a term. Did Humphry Bogart, Bogart something in the past that made everyone jelous of his bogarting ways and decided to dem the term bogart? I think so.
I decided I'd save my rant about alternate deminisions and dementia for next saturdays offical podcast two. Be also ready for my rant on "Pennies Friend or foe?" Such will be my thesis as the evening progresses. Right now I am leading towards foe.
You know who else is my foe? Skeletor. What the hell was he exactly? Ah Battlecat how underused you were. Well I really dont know what else to say except why have one percent when you can have two and dance like you'll spontainously combust.

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