Friday, June 02, 2006

Money goes bye bye

Well my 50 bucks and a chance at a thousand is gone. Yeah I know, I didn't really expect to win it either. But in retrospect I actually played a decent game. I out lasted some good players. Made very few fuckups. Infact there were only two that kinda pissed me off. When I finally got eliminated it was a coinflip with a decent hand and a low pair. I had the decent hand and didn't get shit on the flop. It also ticked me off that there were buyins in the first hour. Playing with people who actually have money put me at a bit of a disadvantage. Yet like I said I didnt suck it up. Not completely anyway. Well that's it for me. More updates tomorrow.

Current Comic: X-men "Days of Future Past"-Claremont
Current Music: Lily Allen-Knock em Out


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12:57 AM

Blogger Dunning said...

Sweet. I was looking for an air purifier.

1:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dunning, your comment was worthy of a high five.

Well done.


8:15 AM

Blogger Dunning said...

Sweet. I was looking for a high five.

2:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...



11:25 PM


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