Wednesday, August 02, 2006

comi con and weekend shit.

Well I WAS going to post about comic-con and put up some pics of me. I probably still will. And I'll still probably post a bunch of shit on Snakes on a plane. Right now though. Im not really feeling like it. What I am feeling like though is trying to buy this dvd from amazon. Only problem is I've never bought anything from amazon before. Help?
I was going to ask if anyone was interested in Clerks 2 and or Drinking on weekend. Or both. I still want to see clerks 2 at some point though. BAH! To hell with this post. Im going to go read that Meltzer novel, which i got for free.

Current Comic: Hellboy Volume 1-Mignola
Current Music: Broken Social Scene-Fire Eye'd Boy


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