Friday, July 14, 2006

its five o'clock somewhere.

Either I need more shit to talk about, or I need more people who will listen to me. In anycase something needs to be done.
Man, registering for classes is depressing. Im trying to get a timetable that's manageable, while finishing off the necessary credits, but so far its not looking to be in my favor.
Tomorrow I get the joy of sitting at home between 2-4 waiting for shaw cable to show up. Not that I wouldn't be just sitting at home anyway. However I do have things to do. Like registration. Pack for my trip (which I've been really lazy about) and destroy all spiders in my basement.
Man its so gross down there. I think I found some kinda nest. So I'm going to put a vacuum to those mother fuckers. Then hit em up with a little fumigation so they'll know not to come back into my hood. Man Im so white. Im tryin to think of some clever way to end this post, but im too damn tired and sober. So bite me.

Current Comic: Fathom Dawn of War-Turner
Current Music: Camera Obscura-Lloyd, Im ready to be heart broken
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Blogger Divyesh said...

We can always help fix that sober part and try again ;P

6:16 PM


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