Thursday, November 16, 2006


Today I got a raise to $9 an hour.....Tomorrow the world!! And upon further review that joke was crap. Also today I figured out what the hell I need to do to get out of sfu. An end is in sight, and its not that far off. I may actually be going back there to do the pdp stuff but nothings for certain yet. So don't quote me. Not that I ever get quoted much. Come to think of it the only time YOU do quote me is in my insane drunken rants. Why is that? Come to think of it I haven't done a good old drunken rant in really long time. Maybe that's a good thing. Man Im really on my game tonight with this post. And on that note I think I'll end it.

Current Comic: Astonishing X-men-Whedon
Current Music: Same as yesterday


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