Monday, September 25, 2006


Okay. So I tuned into watch Heroes on NBC tonight. Now I wasn't sure if I really wanted to talk about it too much. However its either this, or reading more Socrates. I think the choice was obvious. Now I looove super heroes. I love hero mythology and yeah I get all fanboy, and geeked out about it. Infact I could go on and on and on, but don't worry I'll spare you. For now.
The point is I had heard some rumblings about Heroes for a while now. There was stuff at the con about it. A whole big panel which I didn't go to. There's been some adds in comics, but in all honesty I had no idea what it was about. Other than the hero part.
Now to get right to the point, overall it was good. However, there were a few things that kinda pissed me off. 1. This in my mind was built up to the "next Lost" and in so doing has come off looking like a poor mans version of it. Granted its only one episode in, but that's kinda how I feel right now.
Lost really grasped me into the show right away, and I can see Heroes taking a real long time to develop. Which isn't all that much of a problem I suppose. Just irritating.
2. It seems that part of the plot is going to be a whole meta comic with in a comic thing. It sounds more complicated than it is. And I guess its just another irritation to come. I like the fact that they're stories are situated in the "real world" and I don't really need that reminder of super hero's=comic books. Im not sure how impactful it'll be really and I'm ranting so maybe it wont irritate me as much as I think.
Like I said though. I thought for a pilot, it was well done. The powers were interesting. Overall the plot was good, I liked the impending doom factor. I will be following the series some more and if you can I suggest watching the replay tomorrow on NBC. Or atleast download it from youtube. Anyway that wraps up this post.

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