Wednesday, September 20, 2006

ch ch ch changes.

Okay. I dont really want to post right now, but I might as well. I mean I havent done a post in a while. The reason being Im thinking of revamping this blog. Everytime I look at that sidebar, I roll my eyes in disgust. Yet do nothing. So as of now Im taking suggestions on what to do with this. They'll all probably fall on deaf ear though and I'll just do what I want. Or I might (and this is more plausible) do nothing at all.
Im also taking podcast suggestions. And trying to come up with an actual format before venturing further. That and I dont really have time to fit in right now. Anyway, any advice on what I should do with this pile of crap I call a blog, would be helpful.

Current comic: New Frontier volume one-Darwyn Cooke
Current Music: Mates of State-Think Long


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