Monday, September 25, 2006

Title (im clever)

Well now, that is to say, that was a pretty interesting day. There are parts of it that I look back on and think my god that was a fucking stupid thing to do. There's also a part where I think my god I could have been killed. Or at the very least seriously injured. I'd blog about it in more details but for those that weren't there, its kinda hard to paint that picture. Speaking of pictures I need to get those off someone.
Alcohol does bad things to good people. But I'll be damned if I don't love the stuff. However I think I stopped loving it after my 5th double that night. Why the hell did I keep getting doubles? All in all good times were had, im just happy I could a)stand at the end of the night and b) that I didn't puke. Vomit is gross.
Anyway I need to get that podcast up tomorrow. Or at least attempt to record it. Everythings in place. Im just being lazy.

Current Comic: Civil War-Millar
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