Saturday, November 25, 2006

Posting for the sake of Posting.

I seriously hope I get at least one day off next week due to snow. Its snowing right now and that means the roads up to sfu are probably closed. Im hoping they stay that way. Its the last week of classes and to be honest with you all. Well lets just say that I've reached my breaking point. I think some of it has to do with the fact that Im so close to being done and out that well I just dont give a shit anymore. Im trying to do 3 essays for this week and prepare for finals. But my hearts just not in it. Maybe thats why I resorted back to the bottle last night. And by that I mean spent way to much money and drank way to much rum. Personally now Id rather have the money. But oh well.
In other news there's a few things I plan on doing once schools out of the way. 1. Find time to get caught up in Battlestar Galagtica 2. Do a podcast. The reason i've been hestiant on the podcast is well the one's ive listen to are way better than anything i can do. Unless drunk. They have witty banter and actual stuff to talk about. Im just one guy spouting off crazy theories into a mic. Do I really need that kinda hassel in my life? Probably not.
Well that'll be about it. Im off to see some ancient relics from a world long past. Actually im just going to see the rolling stones tonight, but its about the same thing really. I mean just look at keith richards and tell me thats not a relic.

Current Comic: Fables vol 3-Willingham
Current Music: The Rolling Stones-Street Fighting Man


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