Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Horrible songs stuck in my head.

I haven't updated in a while, mainly cause there hasn't been much to update. I figure I might as well give it a shot now. So things have been somewhat progressing. At least in terms of work and school. This semester went pretty good as far as marks and shit go. So my gpa is pretty much high enough now that I don't really need to worry about that part of the PDP acceptance. So its just a matter of finalizing my freaking degree and worrying about the other half of the requirements.
In Jan im going to be starting the volunteering end of it. So its going to be a little bit of a crazy semester. I really have no idea what I'll be doing. Just where.
In a topic unrelated to school. I've come up with the idea that the next time im drunk somewhere it be a good time to see if I can write a decemberists-esq song. It really shouldn't be all that hard. I could probably attempt one now but it wouldn't be as good. So I wont. In related music news I will probably end up posting my pics for the best of 2006 soon. In other related music news, I really don't like that John Mayer Your body is a wonderland song. It's been stuck in my head all day and its driving me nuts. Speaking of 2006 coming to an end. I was thinkin of having a new years party a bit early like say the 29th after 7pm as well that's the only day I have off that weekend. I don't even have it off really I just work until 7. If anyone's interested let me know.

Current Comic: Y The Last Man kimno Dragons-Vaughan
Current Music: Metric-The Police and the Private
Current Wish: I get my new computer before x-mas


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