Sunday, November 26, 2006

This may not make sense. Cause you kinda had to be there

First off let me say the concert was just awesome. I never really got into the stones until later. However they put on a hell of a show. It's twice I've seen them and each time im more impressed. Though I have a feeling this is going to be their last tour. At least for a while. Oh and Bonnie Rait or however you spell her name was just alright. Kinda boring really. So I wont be rushing out to get her cd anytime soon.
Now on to one of the funniest things ever to happen. I like to think Im generally a passive person (pussy really) I don't go looking for shit, I don't start shit. And there's very few things that will get my blood boiling to the point where I stand up for myself in any manner. This night was one of those nights that almost resulted in me fighting a drunk over the hill Frenchman.
It was me, my dad, and one of his rugby players. We were tryin to get out of the parkling lot at BC Place. Everythings going fine, till this jackass instructs his wife to try and cut into us. They weren't even in the two lanes that were merging. And clearly we had the right away. But this didn't stop the verbal exchanges. At first I stood back. Then finally when my dad boxed them out I look over and see the guy grab something. At first I thought it was a bat. And thought oh shit here we go. However it turned out to be an icescraper. So I wasn't all that intimidated when he came to the car. For some reason though he came to the backseat where I was and started swearing his drunk French head off. So I exchanged a few well lets say pleasantries. I wont repeat it cause it wasn't too nice. Then he said something to get my dad half way out of the car to which I thought he was going to get into a fight with the guy. But finally it ended with the guy denting the car door with his boot. The guy walked back to the car I got half way out the window and said some things I regret. Oh and we threw a snowball at him for our victory celebration. It sounds funnier if you were actually there. What can I say though the French get me riled up. The rest of the way home went on with out incident, but really who the fuck attacks a car with an ice scraper? God damn French bastards. AAARRRGGHHH.

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I forgot to mention that Keith Richards is now one of my favorite guitarst out there. Next to Angus from AC/DC. I should mention I dont rate them via skill.

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