Monday, September 13, 2004

People need to blog more.

Hey all. Well the week went by pretty fast. And thankfully pretty smoothly. Got all my classes and schedule sorted out. Not to mention the email, UPASS and Student card. Wait till you see my awesome picture. Oh by the way, the email is actually don't know why that is. Plus I'm not really sure how much I'll actually use it.
Still thinking of joining some club, or intramural squad don't know which; maybe both. Don't know which one's I'll join yet, but I'll keep ya posted.
On to other stuff. Didn't really get too much done this weekend. I really should have worked on that Report. Don't worry I plan to have it up and posted sometime soon. Hopefully if I get all my reading done, then it will be up by Tuesday at the latest. Still looking for ways to upgrade my blog, maybe its just my computer, but every time I log on nothing ever lines up on it. Bah!
Oh right, today I won my first game of Tetrinet and there was much rejoicing. Well at least by me. Anyway that's pretty much all I wanted to say, gotta get started on some Archeology reading.

Current Music: Rick James-Cold Blooded

Current Comic: Books of Magic Life During Wartime By Si Spencer


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