Thursday, September 16, 2004


My favorite Baldwin is Adam, who is your's?


Blogger dinning said...

He's not even a real Baldwin

5:47 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

Why do you think he's my favorite.

11:37 PM

Blogger Graham said...

Billy. All the way, bitch. I can see you Dunning. You have mad crazy hair. Put the glasses on and drink more. NOW.

5:21 PM

Blogger M Rexin said...

donning spins rhymes like a dradel
punking gangstas straight from the cradle
he be flowing like a bottle of heineken
his odds be always win and win
the hardest gangster on the westside
he be droppin punks like shit off glide
drinks rum like a fish drinks rum
he takes a blade instead of a gun
so hard he doesnt need to carry a strap
when punks try and pull the Gatt
he just pulls out the motherfucking blade
and all those punks just disasapate
Running Poco like he runs his bitches
rolling in bills without hitches
riding on twenty fours all day
from one to seventy he'll blow you away

5:25 PM

Blogger Graham said...

Mike D is the pimpest o' tha pimp
He rollin' down the street and walkin' wit a limp
he walkin' crazy like a mothafuckin' gimp
and flying high just like tha pimpin' Divman blimp

he fuckin' bitches like they goin' outta style
fuckin' bitches ain't no walkin' down tha aisle
fuckin' bitches like he run three minute miles
uh huh
oh yeah

5:34 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

My body is like woa,
I knock down any foe,
Yous just a skanky hoe
Like a jedi knight
I bring the fight
Its all a gangster thang
I cant think of anything
My bitches role only with me
You cant fucking see me
I drink Rum and cokes
I laugh at you cause your the fuckin joke
Im like Peter Parker
This wardrobe you dont knocker
My spider sense is tingling
With all the bitches I be mingling
Im the shit
and thats it.

5:38 PM

Blogger M Rexin said...

he been shot so many times he like a cover model
when he aint fucking bitches, he's down wit tha bottle
motherfuckers see his watch and they be blind
he be hittin the two chicks A and A from behind
he be sittin up in his castle on the Hill
reaming in dollars, throwing out pills
he be cuttin thugs up with one bad stare
he be shootin his gatt without a care
he takes no shit from any other thug
if he aint in bed, he's fucking on the rug
chicks on his arm like all the time
he be droppin slugs and committing no crime

5:42 PM

Blogger Graham said...

Reading these again, I'm reminded that alcohol does bad things to good people.

12:02 AM


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