Saturday, October 02, 2004

Dunnings First Annual Fall Fashion Report.

Well fall is in full effect, and just because it's gloomy outside doesn't mean your wardrobe has to be. Put away your rutty old clothes. And fret not people, for your fashion is my passion and I've been sent here to take your pile and give it some style.
Ladies, who doesn't like the fall season? All kinds of colors outside, well we're going to bring those back in. This year the main themes should be comfort and color, color being the most important element of the two. You'll need to get some of the primary colors. Your Blues, reds, and pinks should be your main concern. To reiterate, one of the theme's this fall is comfort, fleece sweaters and light denim jeans or Khaki pants are going to be your best friends. Lets not forget though that you'll have to focus on adding little touches to bolster your wardrobe attire. Take for example the jacket, you should find yourself a long coat, preferably suede or leather. Make sure though, that it contrasts the rest of your clothes, so concentrate on darker colors such as Black and even Beige is acceptable. There are two other accessories that you should concern yourself with and that is, a scarf preferably multicolored, and a hat, one that brings out your personality.
That's it for the ladies, now onto the gents. And gentlemen its time to bring a little class, back into your life. That's right, you need to go classy or go home. Suits are back, and this retro look brings not only, attention but a certain sense of style along with it. It exudes confidence, as well it should. You'll need to concern yourself with darker colors, such as a dark red, black, grey, purple; although white is even acceptable to a certain degree. Now if you cant afford a three piece (polyester) suit, you will need to find yourself a blazer and some jeans and a t-shirt and with those you'll still be good to go. To complete the look of class, you'll need to acquire a fedora and or a newsboy hat both are going to be sheik this year. Along with the hat (though this only applies with an actual suit) is a tie, make sure it contrasts the suit of course and no stripes or, patterns or "funny" little characters, we're not middle aged yet. So there you have it, go forth and accessorize your closet wisely.

Hot fabrics for guys: polyester, cashmere, denim
Hot colors for guys: dark red, grey, white, grey, dark purple
Hot look for guys: Retro and Classy

Hot fabrics for girls: fleece, suede, denim, leather
Hot Colors for girls: Blue, Red and Pink
Hot look for girls: Comfort and Color


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Editors note-Well there ya have it, the First annnual fashion report is up. Though I have to say that Im still not satisfied with it. Too many grammer errors, and I didnt get half as much done with it as i wanted to. But the Point is its up, and by the next seasonal change I should be ready to tackle the task at hand with a much improved approach.

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