Saturday, November 27, 2004

The good times are killing me.

Well. That was an interesting, and fun night. I am definitely glad I made the decision to come out to UBC. My day started out, with another boring tutorial for Political Administration. Yet, from here it only got better.
Once, I got to UBC I was taken on a tour given by Vikram and Graham. A very informative, though long tour. Our first stop on the tour, was to gaze in wonderment at a Nobel Peace Prize, won by UBC's own Michael Smith. We then walked over towards Sage Bistro, where we gazed at the mountain range, and admired the view. Then it was past the Law Buildings, and onto the forestry Building. Where Graham's view of the arts program became a little more jaded. Then the adventure continued, towards the New Biomedical Science buildings. Finally it was on to the math building (or rather back to) where Richard was found and more good times were had.
The good times, during our stay at the math club consisted of Texas Holdem. The game lasted for quite awhile, with the buy in only being two bucks. I came out with 2 dollars and thirty cents in the end, as the game came to a close.
Next, we said our goodbye's to Graham and Vikram, and headed downtown, for some Oysters. Though because I hate any form of seafood with a passion, I chose not to have any. And I chose rather to drown my senses in a rum and coke. Next it was onto Milestones, where I had a fairly decent New York Steak, well done of course. After this I found myself out a cool 26 bucks, this however did not mean the evening was at an end. Infact it was just getting started.
Karaoke was decided on as the end event for the evening, and though we were turned away from one establishment. We quickly found another in the form of Fantacity. After close to an Hour wait, it was finally our moment to shine. And boy did we shine.
From Radiohead's Idioteque, Creep, 2+2=5, and Paranoid Android and to other's such as Metallica's Enter sandman and Coldplay's Yellow. It was enough to keep me (and everyone else) happy. A lot of other song's were performed, but they have begun to escape my mind already. Though I do remember others, such as the Police's Roxanne, Aqua's Barbie girl, and Billy Joel's Piano Man being thrown into the mix. There were others as well, but I wont get into them at this point because my throat is sore, and I'm tired.
It was great seeing Richard again. Im looking forward to all the wacky hijink's that will be happening during the christmas break. Im glad I got my goal of going to karaoke out of the way, and my new goal now is to go back. Anyways I should get going now, it was a full day and Im tired. Plus I have 80 pages of Archeology too look forward to tomorrow, and I have to get them finished before 5 pm. So I'll say goodnight now, and godspeed.

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Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

Aw shucks.

By the way, check me out at my new blogspot site.

11:50 PM

Blogger Graham said...

I can't decide if that's an oyster joke or not, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Well played, old bean.

1:39 AM


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