Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Well, it was a disappointing end, though an albeit predictable one, for The Suave Mofo's. The Mofo's finished out the regular season with a tie, and what should have been a win. But I digress. The season may be over, but the team will be back in action next week, playing for, well nothing. The team overall, saw improvements and when the season starts again, will be looking to reestablish themselves. Though the Mofo's went out with class, decked out in suits, ties and all the bling they could find. It still wasn't enough to over come the inexperience.
The Mofo's final record was 0-6-3. Things will change next semester, and hopefully, we'll find that we at least put one in the win column.
On a somewhat unrelated note, I've registered for another semester and right now will be looking at three courses, and hopefully if things work out, a fourth. Should be an interesting semester, but I guess we'll have to wait and see what unfolds.

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This is about as temporary as it comes. The reason this post is getting written here is because I cant log into blogger beta on the computer on our ship, so I'm going to write my post here, cut and paste, and make it a post for tommorow.

So today is our ship's last day as HMCS Yellowknife. Tommorow, we officially transfer over to the Nanaimo. To go along with the changes, I finally got my promotion to Leading Seaman (LS) and along with that I'm expecting close to 8 months in back pay. Nice. I also got my A ticket formally, which is something I can put up on my wall.

I will probably be writing a lot more in the evening, although since getting my A ticket I have been much busier than as a trainee. I have a job to go home to, so things are looking good.

I spent last night chilling with Jason, and it was good to see the kid. I havent seen him in over a year, or is it maybe 2? shit, its been a long long time regardless. So that was good times.

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