Thursday, November 18, 2004


As my love affair with Vegas, reaches epic proportions. I feel the need to do a bit of high stakes gambling. Well perhaps not high stakes, but some form of gambling nonetheless. So I purpose a bit of Texas Holdem, for this weekend. Why? Cause it something other than video games and movies. Plus I got time. However the problem arises of poker chips. Or having something to actually gamble with, maybe I'll go buy some this weekend. Though I don't know where I would get them from.
As for today, I did absolutely nothing of value. I've completed my essay, and as such, I now have too much spare time on my hands. What's my point your asking? Well while sitting on my ass, watching tv, there was a show which took a look at Vegas. I've taken this as a sign, and somehow, someway I vow that I will get there. The only problems that arise are how and when. I'll keep you apprised to the situation as I look for the solution.

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Pulse-By Bendis.


Blogger M Rexin said...

saturday night for the big chips game?

5:37 PM


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