Friday, October 29, 2004

Never Again.

So, I had my first real test, to see if I could make it as a University Student today. It was my midterm for Political Science "Canadian Administration". I spent the greater part of Wednesday doing a comprehensive review for it. Approximately nine to ten hours of straight cramming were spent, and by the end so was I.
I've learned my lesson from this exam and vow from this point on, never to do that ever again. I can't recall ever being this stressed over an exam, at least during my earlier days of academia. Which has got me thinking, that I must actually care about SFU. More so then other schools that I've attended. I think I know deep down, that this must be true. My god, what's happened to me? Anyway, I think the examination went as well as it could have, considering the amount of preparation I actually put into it. Talking to fellow classmates outside, before the exam, reassured me that I was not alone in my plight and that most (well really 5) were as unprepared as I. But now I can only wait till next week, to find out the results.
Well Im tired, and I think I've said all I came on here to say. I've still got more reading ahead of me and that paper to research and write. So for now, I'll say goodnight and Godspeed.

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Blogger dinning said...

In the words of that crazy old tap dancer in that episode of The Cosby Show: "CHHHHHHALLENGE"

Rexin (and any others who wish to try), I am challenging you to make it onto the top 100 reviews alltime on the list of the best 4 word film reviews.

You can check out the top 100 alltime by going here:

9:24 PM

Blogger VG said...

Dunning, if you ever cram for a test again I will get P. Diddy to kill you.

10:04 PM


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