Monday, October 25, 2004

Today is a sad day.

Not because, I wasted a perfect opportunity to get some actual work done. But because today, my good friend Vikram without warning or consideration; decided to kill his blog. I don't know quite how to feel at this moment. Im saddened by the loss, but Im also very pissed off that he decided to kill the blog with out giving a second thought. Vikram has proclaimed that it was his blog to kill. And though there is some truth to this statement, I still have to disagree. For the blog was just as much ours as it was his. Where now will his readers turn to, for such great things as The Gun show, Rob Pongi and information on randomly selected NFL players? Vikram's Blog was perhaps the best blog there was out there. I cant do it justice trying to describe it, people needed to see it, and its just a shame now, that they wont. How will I fill this void in life? Where will I get to see all the insane stuff that's available on line. I don't have the time to look it up myself. Nor would I post it on this blog, as that's not what this blog is meant for. Which begs the question what is this blog meant for? Im not sure I know the answer to that. But what I do know is that with the death of Vikrams blog a void will be forever felt. Like a great disturbance in the force. A million voices cried out in unison then suddenly silenced. Or at least this one. Yes today is truly a sad sad day.


Blogger M Rexin said...

It is truly a sad day when one cannot gain access to the gun show

8:41 PM

Blogger VG said...

I am touched. I really am.

10:32 PM


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