Friday, February 18, 2005


This is the most I've updated in a long time. Im quickly becoming obsessed with blogging again. Basically this and school work is all I've done this week. How lame is that. I burned a bunch of CD's the other day they are as follows: Postal Service-give up. The Shins-oh inverted world. Decemberists-castaways and cutouts. And finally Super Furry Animals-phantom power. Im still on the look out for a program to download music with, as apparently my old one is now outdated and wont let me log on to it. So I uninstalled it.
Anyway not much else to tell. Finished my paper on Cantebury Tales. Going to edit it this weekend and finalize it. Im aiming for an A this time, but we'll see what happens. Anyway I gotta lot of shit to read, so Im going to go do that. I'll leave you now with a list of books Im currently reading. Dracula-Bram Stroker, Antony and Cleopatra-Shakespeare, Ancient Greek Philosophy: from Thales to Aristotle-Cohen, Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 5 and 6. And Finally Batman: the killing Joke-Alan Moore. Well gotta run, got to go do some more Philosophy.

Current Comic: Batman: The Killing Joke-Alan Moore
Current Music: JLo-Get Right (remix)


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