Sunday, February 06, 2005


First off, Id like to thank everyone for their support through this difficult time. You all know whom I refer to, so I shouldn't have to say more then that. Though I probably will individually at some point in time.
Anyway, its been about a little over a week, since I updated this thing. Im sure by now, all of you know why. Things certainly can change in a weeks time. Take the Suave Mofo's for instance. The team wallowed in Curling obscurity. Winning nothing, scoring hardly any points, and missing a good deal of the shots they took. But now, a week has gone by, and we stand 1-3 on the season. Yes, the Suave Mofo's have a Win! Frankly, this Mofo's still in shock. But I think, it will begin to sink in soon, and hopefully it will become something that we grow accustom too.
And now, on to other things. Like school. Im half done Frankenstein, and the same goes for the Canterbury tales. Both English courses seem to be going well. I know Im sitting somewhere roughly around 80% in one, but it is still early. Greek Philosophy on the other hand, is slowly killing my will to live. Why, oh why did I take this class?!? What happened to the Philosophy that I've come to know and love. But I digress.
And now, a bit of prologue to Comic Corner. I know its a cheesy title, but I couldn't think of anything else. Anyway, my point is, Im finally going to get the reviews of 2004's best of comics up and its going to be, a bit of a preamble to hopefully weekly, or a the very least monthly reviews. I guess we'll see, but in any case be on the look out for that.

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