Sunday, February 13, 2005

A year in Music 2004

Seeing as how the grammy's were tonight. I thought I would give a review of what I thought was the best music of 2004. Anyway enjoy.

1. Arcade Fire: Funeral
I stumbled upon this band, on pitchfork as so many others have. I wasn't sure about them, but eventually I decided to take a listen and Im glad that I did. This album has quickly become my favorite of 2004. And in my humble opinion the best three songs on the album are as follows. 1. Wake Up which is perhaps the best song of 2004, I cant get enough of it. 2. Neighbourhood #3 Power out, great sounding track. 3. Crown of Love great song, makes me think of what Sinatra would have sounded like if he was on an indie label. The fact that the band's from Canada doesn't hurt their cause either, and they are the first band out of Montreal that I've liked in a long time (no offense). I look for big things for them to come, and you should look out below!

2. Modest Mouse-Good news for people who like bad news
Okay, so I've been aware of Modest Mouse for some time now, but never really got into them much until this album was released. Float on was well on its way to becoming a summer anthem, at least it was for me. Best three tracks on the album are 1. Float On 2. The View 3. The good times are killing me. Modest Mouse is a band I've begun to listen to a lot of lately, and am dying to see in concert.

3. Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand
What can ya say about, Franz Ferdinand that hasn't already been said. Awesome, awesome stuff. Plus they're Scottish, which is never a bad thing. Like Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand had summer anthems written all over it. One of the few albums this year that I think almost everyone I know actually purchased. The best three songs on the album are 1. Jaquiline 2. Take me out 3. The Dark of the Matinee. It'll be interesting to see if Franz Ferdinand can actually follow up their success.

4. The Walkmen-Bows and Arrows
Despite what Rexin says, the Walkmen are really an outsanding band. If you actually take time to listen to the albums, you know what Im talking about. Bows and Arrows is a bit different then their previous attempt, but none the less it is still excellent. Best three songs on the album are 1. The Rat 2. Little House of Savages 3. Whats in it for me. The Walkmen continue to impress, and it looks like that they are finally getting some recognition.

5. The Killers-Hot Fuss
I don't agree with pitchfork's assement of The Killers album. Its just one mans opinion and now heres mine. The Killers sound may not be easy to get into at first. But it does have an addicting flavor. The Las Vegas group has some infections tracks, and unfortunately one of the better one's is only available on the U.K. import. Anyway, with that said, I felt the Killers put together a solid album, with only one or two tracks that I could have done without. Best songs 1. Mr. Brightside 2. Somebody told me 3. Indie Rock and Roll (UK) 4. All these things I've Done.

Honorable Mentions: Interpol-Antics 7. Jay Z-the black album 8. Kanye West-College Drop Out 9.Destroyer-Your Blues 10. Brian Wilson-Smile

Three of the Bands on the top 5 list, were recently on the OC's second season, if you can guess which I'll buy you a coke.


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Numbers 2, 3, and 4?

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Nope Sorry.

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