Saturday, January 22, 2005

The return of the return of the durken dunning

Im back, like a shaq attack. I defend my zone with more prowless then the N zone. Khan!!!!! So in case you didnt already know, Im drunk. And as such, I must and always blog. Why?!? Well, for you're amusement of course, because I certainly find none of this funny. Apparently, with the year of the Dunning, also comes body building and coffee. Even though I hate coffee, but not as much as I hate my computer at this very moment in time. Solution. I have many a people wanting to work out, and two that can actually commit to this, whether this actually works out or not, does entirely depend on them. Second, my Spiderman mini Bust is Awesome. And well worth the purchase. Alex Ross did an awesome job on this.
Also many songs, I find annoying at this moment, but none so much as Jennifer Lopez Get there. Alright, alright, alright. Whats wrong with indie music? Answer:Nothing.
Second. Movies I want to see this year are as follows: 1. Serenity (SOMEONE HAS TO SEE THIS WITH ME) 2. Fantastic Four (looks fucking awesome) 3. Star Wars (Star Wars) 4. Sin City (comic book related, and still looks fucking awesome) 5. Harry Potter 4 (i dunno if this is even out this year).
Oh, and there's nothing wrong with being conservative. Hell, you better get used to it bitches. Man o live, there are men alive in here. As you probably can tell Im typing whatever comes to mind, and as such not much is.
O.C. Question: You're with a girl you like down by the ocean, she is drunk, and suggests a swim. do you A) Leave you're date while you go find things for her to sober up with, as she plunges to her possible death. B) stay with you're friend/date being the sensible guy you are C) leave then come back to discover she's not there and run into the ocean screaming for dramatic purposes, and blame others for you're mistake. If you chose C you'd be right, but then you'd be Right with A as well.
Damnt this piss's me off, but I guess soemtimes, Bruce Banner just turns into the Hulk.
Im starting to realize that this blog isnt as much funny, as it is Sad. So With that I think I shall leave you, before I do any more damage then I already have. And as such I leave you with a list of TV shows I watch prestently. MON: Raw, 24 Tues: Smallville Wed: Lost, Alias, Veronica Mars Thurs: Smackdown, The OC Fri: who watches TV on friday? Weekly: Daily Show, Conan O'Brian reruns. Fuck I am drunk, I must go and sleep this off now, I apologies for not making this blog more entertaing, and I apologies for not getting the lists up, they will be up shortly.

Current Music: Postal Service-such great heights
Current comic: Wolverine the End-By Jenkins
Current Food: Gumballs
Current Mood: is drunk a mood?
Current Ultimate ontological Question: Why are we here?


Blogger VG said...

You should drink before you write university exams. You might lose marks for spelling, but you'll more than make up for it in the quality of the content.

11:12 PM


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