Monday, February 21, 2005


What's with you people and deleting your blogs without warning? Im looking at you Pollock. Maybe it was a mistake or something but it doesn't seem to be there at any rate. Anyway if people are intent on deleting their blogs, I think id like some notice for a change..........on second thought I don't really care. Well back to studying...kinda....sorta...not really.

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Blogger Graham said...

Here's why:

1) I hadn't done anything interesting or worthwhile with it in ages. It was pointless and indulgent.

2) I've been pretty depressed for a variety of reasons for at least a month, and some of that was beginning to filter into my blogging. It was getting to the point where my blog was becoming an outlet for electronic self-mutilation and that both frustrated and embarrassed me. So, rather than allow it to become some sort of gloomy, angst-and-sorrow-ridden diatribe, I pulled the plug. Maybe I'll blog again when I cheer up.

3) I thought about it and decided that there wasn't anything I was really attached to or would miss.

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