Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What did I miss?

Well Im back home. The trip is over. Im tired and a little bit pissed off at America west, but other than that the trip was well worth it. Im not going to go into too much detail right now. But rest assured there will be pictures and other crap up by Thursday.

Some SD Highlights include: Here is where I met an Oscar winning actress, a people's champion, a legend, a droid, a wookie, a monster and a personal hero. All in all Id say the convention was pretty kickass.

Vegas Highlights: Penn and teller, blackjack with milf brothers, walking 5 miles a day in 113 degrees, General drunken merriment

Like I said earlier im too damn tired to recap it all now. Tomorrow before I go to work I'll try and do a better job. Anyway Im out for the night. Happy Bday Rich.

Current Comic: Hush-Jeph Loeb
Current Music: The Decemberists-piquaresque (I gave up and actually bought it)


Blogger VG said...

Hurry up, damn you! I can't wait any longer!

12:24 PM

Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

Thanks Mike, you're a credit to the organization.

12:39 PM

Blogger VG said...

The people must be informed! Tell us everything!

4:09 PM

Blogger Graham said...

We have so little in our lives.

7:17 PM

Blogger VG said...

I check, and I check, and I check! Nothing! Why must you torture me? What Oscar winning actress? What are MILF brothers? What is in these pictures?!?!?!

Dunning, I mean this in the strongest way possible: post, damn you, post!

10:59 PM

Blogger VG said...

Dunning, you're breaking my balls here. Come on already.

12:26 AM


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