Friday, December 02, 2005

drinkin Dunning

So I had a couple of drinks. Everyone wants me to blog. I dont have the energy but here I shall attempt. Today was the last day of school. Then finals, then probably my review of school term will be up. Im writing short hand so, so if i dont make sense thats okay. Today we watched american grafiti. And I have to say Harrison Ford is awesome in everything.
What else? I dunno this school year is alright. Kinda glad its over though. Now i can concentrate on more important things, like saving the rain forest, and pandas. the world needs more of those fuzzy creatures. and more harrison ford.
Apparently vikram was going to get me booze for xmas. Whats with you people? I cant be fucking drunk all the time, as great as that would be I dont want to end up like Bon Scott. Some of you know who i speak. He was the ac/dc singer that died in his own vomit. Do you want that on your consiouns? I cant spell and im a fuckin english major.
My love of classical literature though is slightly weighing. I mean dont get me wrong, I love shakespeare, and I had an appreciation for milton, and probably will after the fact, but when writing on classical literature, one tends to get really pissed off at it. Or at least i do. I mean I hate Chaucer, and yet in almost every english class so far, i've had to deal with that snote nosed punk.
Man I seriously have nothing to say anymore. Honestly I dont, I wish i did. I wish I cared more to talk about meaningless shit, but I dont. I mean theres so much meaningless shit in the world.
Talking to vikram at this moment, which is why this blog isnt going very well. He say I need a 12 step program. I say I only need one, and its to the liquor cabinet. No i do not have a liqour cabinet. I have a closet where i through all my boose in though...or is it a wardrobe? Whose to say
Well I guess I could ask C.S. Lewis, but he's dead. Vikram keeps saying words to me. Stop it Vikram your freaking me out. I guess I should stop calling you vikram. Dont want people to know your real name on the net. So now I will be calling you Fat Santa.
So I have this friend. His name is Fat Santa. He is my Lex Luthor. Really though he's alright. Fat Santa gets frurstrated with me sometimes. Too often in fact. Its kinda creeping me out. I dont know why he puts such high stolk in me. Maybe Im the last son of krypton! Cause that would be bitchin! well actually it wouldnt but it still be pretty cool.
So is this post as nonsensical as i think it is? I better stop while im ahead, or behind. Or maybe Im tied. Though ties are for pussies and the wnba. I know that makes no sense. It doesnt even make sense to me. But ya gotta belive as the say. I guess. Okay really im going to stop Santa.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I re-thought the booze idea.


12:14 AM

Blogger Dunning said...

Thats okay. I was on to you anyway Fat Santa!

12:18 AM


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