Thursday, December 01, 2005

This is your brain....this is your brain on Milton.

So, I checked my answering machine today, and some guy from the B.C. Lions called me and wants me to phone him back. I find this really odd, seeing as how I don't know anyone from the B.C. Lions nor have any real vested interest in the CFL. Infact I've only been to one game this year. So why they would be calling me is beyond my comprehension. Maybe he's phoning to complement me for being the best dressed man at that game besides the ushers. Its about damn time that suit got its due.
Also, the hours of studying I've put in this week has fried my brain. Don't believe me? I noticed, from my readings that at the two most important times in human evolution an apple or fruit was involved. First to bring out the fall of man from paradise ala Adam and eve, and second to bring us into the age of enlightenment ala Sir Isaac Newton. Is anyone else weirded out by this coincidence? Or is it just my fried brain? Anyway Im off to do more studyin.

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