Monday, January 02, 2006

Alive and well.

So. I guess some of you are wondering if I am still alive. The answer is yes. Though not looking to drink anytime soon. Well at least not till the weekend. At any rate yes I am alive. In fact the next day, as always with my drinking endeavors, I was perfectly fine. Though re-reading that last blog, its amazing to think I was. In fact the only time I can truly remember getting a hangover is from when I drank tequila. I don't know if that's good or bad, but those are just the facts.
Well. Anyway. New Years was good. I now have one more week to piss away before going back to SFU for 17 weeks of reading more Shakespeare and 19th century literature. Huzzah!
What will I do with my time off? Besides buy my books before hand? Probably nothing. I do plan on putting up some more year end reviews, sometime. I'll see how it goes really. Anyway. I'll update later. Im going to do some reading.

Current Comic: Batman Year One-Frank Miller
Current Music: My Morning Jacket-Lay Low
Current Question: Why must the canucks suck?


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