Thursday, December 29, 2005


Why must people be so lame? Why must I constantly be surrounded by assholes everytime I go somewhere? We went to the game tonight. By we I mean my dad and myself. The game was all well and good. Fun even. But this asshole who got totally hammered ruined some of it for me. It got to the point where even I yelled at him to sit the fuck down. He fingered me and said something incoherent. How does one even get that plastered at a canucks game? Really its like $7.50 a beer. Yet this guy couldn't even stand at the end of the game, well he could but not very well. Its good to see that my dads finally mellowed a bit. I think if this were five years ago, that guy would have had a broken nose and been laying on the cold concrete of gm place. Really though I felt bad for the little kid sitting directly behind him. The guy was too much of a prick to even take her feelings into consideration. I mean just because you paid for the ticket doesn't give you the right to act like an asshole. They really should limit the beer for people. Or people should really learn to drink more responsibly at least in public. Man. This post is sounding a lot more preachy then I had originally intended. I better wrap this up and go do some reading or writing. Anyway I'll post reviews tomorrow.

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Maybe it's the Kong syndrome

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