Sunday, December 18, 2005

I was bored so i made you a Mixtape #3

I was going to post at least one of my year end reviews but what can i say, Im lazy. Anyway they should be up within the next couple of weeks, so look forward to: Comics, Movies, and Music lists for all five of you to read. Also I found out this week im working New Years! GRRRR! Stupid fucking work. Anyways. I get off at 11. But that still doesnt leave much for drinkin. Its kinda ironic that I'm pissed about not getting pissed. Maybe I'll just go home. Anyway here's the Mixtape.

1)Wolf Parade-You are a runner and I am my fathers son
2)Stars-Ageless Beauty
3)Broken Social Scene-Ibi Dreams of pavement (a better day)
4)Radiohead-National Anthem
5)The Wrens-This boy is exhausted
6)Weezer-Perfect Situation
7)Death Cab For Cutie-Why You'd Want to Live Here
9)Stevie Nicks-Edge of Seventeen
10)Led Zeppelin-Immigrant Song
11)Rolling Stones-Sympathy for the devil
12)Nirvana-All Apologies
13)Anthony Stewart Head-We Can Work it Out
14)Tom Waits-I hope I dont fall in love with you
15)The Late Great Daniel Johnston-True love will find you in the end

Current Music: The Beatles-We Can Work it Out
Current Comic: Villians United-Simone


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